Ready to get your creative juices flowing? Want to lose yourself in some good old fashioned fun and walk away with a one-of-a-kind piece of art? Check out Pinspiration at Flanders Four Corners, Connecticut’s sole location for the franchise. Co-owned by sisters Sue Hess and MariAnne DelCampo, the do-it-yourself craft studio provides a welcoming space where everyone can be an artist.

Originally from South Dakota, Sue and MariAnne relocated to Southeastern CT with their parents in 1983, both graduating from Fitch High School in Groton. Sue says, “We have always been crafty; we enjoy repurposing objects – turning something old and forgotten into a cool, new treasure.”

Though the sisters had never run a business prior to launching Pinspiration, each of them brought valuable skills to the table along with significant experience from positions they held in large regional corporations in the area. When they added to the mix their passion for teaching others to enjoy the creative process, it was a winning combination!

They’re delighted with their new space, and the East Lyme community has welcomed them with open arms. They enjoy hosting guests from the region, as well as welcoming seasonal visitors, who are looking for something different to do this summer.

The studio offers a full range of project ideas that can be completed in one visit and include something for all ages. The friendly staff is on hand for assistance. Pricing varies by project selected. If you come in as a group, everyone can work on the same project or each person can choose their own craft to create.

Pinspiration offers camps for kids where two to three themed crafts are made each day and new skills are learned. Check out their seasonal camps.

The Pinspiration team also loves to host parties. Celebrate your special occasion in their private VIP party space. You can choose from a variety of party themes and packages.

While the choices are many, there are a few customer favorites.

The splatter room is a way for guests, donned in protective gear, to express themselves by splattering paint onto a canvas to create a unique masterpiece – much in the way Jackson Pollock created his artwork. Splattering is a fun activity for kids and adults alike. Sue says, “In fact, we recently had a Senior Citizens group come in, and they had a blast! Messy but memorable!” Great for children’s parties, but adults enjoy the action, too. Ask about their Date Night packages.

Acrylic pours have resulted in gorgeous pieces of art. The customer chooses a color palette and combines the colors with a fluid medium. The paint is then poured onto a canvas. The guest maneuvers the paint around the canvas in a number of ways until it’s completely covered and a masterpiece slowly unfolds. The process is so incredible to observe that everyone in the studio tends to gravitate over to where the magic is happening to delight in the results together.

A third popular activity is candle-making. Workshops are offered twice a month. Guests choose their fragrance and add in a few botanicals and stones. Sue says, “We love the aroma in our studio created by the candle-making workshops.”

Sue and MariAnne are always thinking ahead for innovative new ideas for sharing artistic expression. They’re considering a mobile splatter room to bring the fun to you. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can visit them at to check out their classes, kids camps, workshop offerings and special events. While there, you can reserve your spot and join the fun! Also, stay informed by checking in on them at Facebook and Instagram.



15 Chesterfield Road, Unit 2, East Lyme

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