Niantic Main Street and the East Lyme Public Trust are partnering for a special holiday fundraiser, Buoys by the Bay. Here’s all the details you need to know!


The buoy basics:
Purchase a buoy ($50), decorate it, and then return it by November 1 to be a part of an upcoming Niantic holiday display.
Rough sketch of proposed display in the Main Street Pocket Park.

When and where will the buoys be displayed?
The buoys will be displayed  in the Main Street Park (where the old gas station was) on a group of colorful and stylistic holiday trees, inspired by animated holiday classics. The tree display will run from Nov. 17 to Jan. 15. There will be a grand opening on November 17.

Coastal Gifts on Main and Mermaid Liquors seem to be having a friendly competition to see who can sell the most buoys.

Where can I purchase a buoy?
Buoys are available at Mermaid Liquors and Coastal Gifts On Main. Cash or check only. They must also be returned to either location.

How many buoys are available?
Only 300 buoys will be sold. As of 9/23, there are only 100 buoys remaining.

Who can purchase a buoy?
Anyone! Businesses, individuals, students, children, buoys can be purchased and decorated by anyone who wants to be creative. You do not need to be a resident of East Lyme/Niantic to purchase a buoy.

How do I decorate the buoy?
That’s up to your imagination! Buoys may be painted, decoupaged, or decorated as the buyer wishes; however, we ask for people not to submit buoys that are offensive, violent, lewd or political in nature. The committee reserves the right to reject a buoy.
The colorful tree lot will be inspired by animated holiday classics.


What happens to the buoys once the display is over?
All buoys will be returned to their owners.

We hope that you’ll join us in being a part of a new Niantic tradition!

P.S. Want to see more buoys. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Stonington Lobster Trap Tree this holiday season as well. Learn more>

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